Bulk Upload Social Media: CSV Import guide for Social Media Tools

Why should you use a Social Media Scheduling Tool?

Scheduling your Social Media can help free up a significant amount of time and can help ensure your daily Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Instagram posting is completed on time, every time. Fill up your calendar in advance and use your time to fulfil the rest of your day’s duties!

Most Social Media Scheduling Tools will accept a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file which holds all of the Social Media Post information to upload and start scheduling. The different tools have a different set of fields the need, the listing below should help you find the right fields, and any gotchas or things you need to be aware of.

Top Tip

If you want to display the preview of a link leave the Media fields empty and put the link in the Link Field. If you want to display the media and still have a link, put the link in the body of the content

Generate Social Media Posts

If you are interested in generating Social Media posts and exporting them in the correct CSV format for your Scheduling Tool check out Post Maker

Top Tip

When you are supplying Image or Media URLs, they usually need to be publicly accessible for the Social Media Tool to ingest it properly – if it’s behind a login or authentication then it will likely fail



AgoraPulse is keeping it simple here, and they do only allow you to schedule 100 posts/tweets at a time.

Tips: All Content can be edited once uploaded. 

'content', 'link', 'date', 'time'



Publer allows both links and media, and so far we haven’t hit any upload limits – great for postmaker fans!

Tips: If you are using the Label, you need to have slots available for that content Label

'Date', 'Message', 'Link', 'Media URLs', 'Title', 'Label'



Really liking the simplicity that RecurPost offers, add in your post and title or link and away you go. Be wary of the top tip above.

'Message', 'Post URL', 'Image URL'



SemRush is keeping the CSV fairly clean here, they do have a limit of 100 posts though.

Tips: The only required Field is the Content

'Content', 'Date', 'Time', 'Channel'



I don’t really know a lot about the import process here, you’re on your own – if you know then please let us know!

'Message', 'SendDate', 'URL', 'Image'



SmarterQueue limits you to uploading 200 posts at a time, I don’t believe there is a total limit of scheduled posts.

The Evergreen field is SmarterQueue’s option of reposting again (Evergreen) or whether it is for a single use (Once)

'Post Text', 'Link', 'Image', 'Scheduled Time', 'Category', 'Evergreen'



SocialBee is the only option which splits out the Image, Gifs and Videos. You should only have one of Link, Image, Gif or Video per row.

'text', 'link', 'imageUrls', 'gifUrls', 'videoUrls'



You can leave the date field blank for SocialPilot, the accountId is the account which will be posting the content

'text', 'imageUrls', 'date', 'accountId'
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