Feature: Scale your Campaign Content

Social Media Content Generation

Smash your Social Media Strategy with content and experimentation, with Spintax and a little Post Maker magic,

Scale your Campaigns

You have content that is worth sharing more than once. It could be a regular post to kickstart a weekly conversation, it could be talking about different aspects of your business or services or altering your affiliate link messaging to appeal to new audiences.

We built Post Maker to help you create different versions of a post easily by taking a single idea and spinning it, using Spintax, into many, many more.

The output will all be unique posts, no repeats here.

So, if you've got an idea of what you'd like to say but don't know how to get it there yet - let Post Maker do that work for you!

You will be able to create custom templates using Post Maker so you can easily reuse them across all your social media accounts. You'll also be able to add images, videos, links and more to each post as well as set up automatic scheduling options.

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The Very Best of your Content

If you're working with multiple clients or different campaigns for your own business you'll want to have your ready-made CTA's (Call to Actions), Scroll Stopping Headlines and handcrafted hashtags ready to use.

Post Maker lets you save content to put into new posts, via variables, to help reduce the time and effort in crafting your campaigns.

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Experiment and Test your ideas

We help you scale, but also we help you experient. When generating you can choose to use different hashtags, images, videos, call to action, or whatever.

Post different ideas, measure and refine. Nobody makes it as easy to try loads of different post variations to test out your ideas, tweak them and increase engagement.

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