Feature: Integrate with your Social Media Workflow

Webhooks, API, Twitter Threads and Schedule Power

Put Post Maker into your Social Media Content Workflow and smash your Social Media Strategy.

Webhooks and API

Use the power the Post Maker's Text and Image generation in your own workflow.

Hook into tools like Zapier, IFTTT, Pabbly Connect or Integrately.

You're not limited to just Social Media, you can use the output to respond to emails, support follow ups or more.

We have even built in the ability to pass in your own text replacements, making it easy to pass in someone's name, a product or time of day.

Customer profile user interface

Twitter Thread

We help you write and post a Twitter Thread

Simply paste in your long form content and it will be broken down into Twitter Sized chunks, perfect for a cup of tea and a long read.

Inbox user interface

Powerful Date Scheduling

We know that your scheduler might have some fancy calendar built it. That's cool, but hear us out.

If you've got a lot of content created from Post Maker that you want to have fine control about when it gets scheduled you can use our schedule builder - it's awesome when you want to post at fixed times, dates, or intervals.

It uses a CRON Expression, for example

0 14 * * MON,THU

will post at 2:00 pm on Monday and Thursday

If you want to see how CRON helps you, take a look at https://crontab.guru/ it helps you build the CRON Expression.

Customer profile user interface

Post Maker Features

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