Intro to PostMaker

Written by Phill Duffy

16 July 2020

We are very excited to be live with and our new way of creating lots of juicy Social Media Content.

Getting started is simple, we will show you the simple concepts below and a video of it in action

[ is good]

The above creates one post. There is only one variation within the square brackets ‘[‘ and ‘]’

If we want to create another, then we need to look at decided which bits could change for a different version. It’s easy here as we can have lots of words which mean ‘good’

So what we do is we break the text down into three sections, remembering to keep anything we want within square brackets

[] [is] [good]

This still has just the one output, even though it’s broken down into our new sections

To add a variation you simply add the different options separated by the vertical pipe ‘|’

[] [is] [good|great|fantastic]

And there you go, you have now created THREE posts from your first one. But you can keep adding variations and options to create as many combinations as you want.

Easy, check out more in the video below

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