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Find new post ideas faster than ever

Get inspiration from your (or a competitors) website, an RSS feed, our community Packs or reimagine your own ideas.

Find content and images with a few clicks.

“Yesterday, I wrote and scheduled more than 100 pieces of copy for one of my services. It took no time at all. I loved getting creative with the variations on each post (so it probably took me a little longer than was necessary) but I was still hyper-productive.”

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Create unique versions

Once you have a Social Media Post idea, you can then generate many unique versions using our syntax. You can easily turn one post idea into hundreds... or even more.

Save your favourite Call-to-Actions (CTAs), Attention Grabbers and compelling copy to reuse across your campaigns.

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Frequently asked questions

You don't have my scheduler, can you add it?
Absolutely, if we can find out the CSV format your provider needs, we will add it. Messsage us at if you want to talk.
Can I use it with X Social Media Network?
Post Maker doesn't post the content itself, it works with your existing Scheduler - if they support a Social Media Channel via their import, then it will work from Post Maker too.
Do you use AI?
No, we help you find your own ideas and then generate more unique variations from them using Spintax and more.
How do I import the content?
We have written a guide here for Bulk Importing Tweets, but the same applies for our Social Media Channels
How does it work with my scheduler?
We export the content into the CSV format supported by your scheduler. Just import and away you go.
Doesn't all the content come out the same?
Content created with Post Maker should be managed carefully and mixed in with other types of posts. It is a great way to passively advertise, promote or keep eyes on your content, ensuring each post is unique.
Do you have a Facebook Group?
Sure, if you want to join in and talk to existing users you can join
How long does it take?
We have users who have generated a year's worth of content in a few hours.
Does it work in all languages?
We have users around the world using Post Maker in various languages. We will support any language we can.
Can you generate Social Media Images?
We are working on this, it will allow you to 'spin' images too!


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