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Give your Social Media Scheduler something worth sharing.

Post Maker is the best way to scale your Social Media efforts for bulk scheduling.

What is Post Maker?

Post Maker is a Social Media Marketing Tool that helps you find and create relevant content and images – while optimising for keywords and utilising variations of synonyms, hashtags, calls-to-action (CTAs) and different forms of media.

If you have been wrestling spreadsheets to create your social media content, it’s time to make the switch, a Social Media Post Maker to .




Conquer Social Media Writer’s Block with ideas, inspiration and suggestions. Turn Blog Posts or Websites into your very own idea factory.



Take your ideas and spin many unique variations or use it to experiment with images, hashtags and copywriting.


Export your posts as a CSV ready for bulk scheduling straight into your favourite tool (over 25 schedulers supported) in the perfect format.

Find new Social Media Post ideas faster than ever.

We know that coming up with ideas can be the hardest part, so we have created ways to help you be more creative.

  • Pull content from any website
  • Use RSS to pull content and build your post
  • Get inspiration from our community packs
  • Repurpose and reimagine your existing posts across campaigns and clients

Create unique and organic versions of your Social Media Content

Once you have a Social Media Post idea, you can generate many unique versions using our syntax (Spintax with added ♥).

Imagine being able to create a year’s worth of engaging Social Media Content in an hour or two. All of the content will be on brand, in your tone of voice and ready to go.

  • You can quickly turn one post idea into hundreds or even more
  • You can test different hashtags, synonyms, media and more to get the best reach and engagement.
  • Save your favourite Call-to-Actions (CTAs), Attention Grabbers and compelling copy to reuse across your campaigns
post maker affiliate content integrations

Spintax will generate a version for each possible combination.


Using a Variable to add pre-saved information into your post.


Hashtags will be added here

Generate Social Media Content for the scheduler you already use.

We work with some of the best schedulers out there to make it easy to import straight into their platform via CSV. You can also post directly from Post Maker or automation via Webhooks with the premium plan.

Screenshot of Post Maker Variation Page

Why Post Maker?

Your Social Media posts have the potential to turn your followers into fans, send your website views sky high and set your brand as a firm favourite.

If your Social Media content can do all this, you want to make sure your audience, and the much larger ‘potential audience’, know who you are, and see what you do.

Sporadic posts every few months when you have the time, or when you remember, isn’t going to cut it.

Post Maker helps build organic, natural posts – ones that you write, not some fancy AI that you can’t control.

I just started with revamping my business and need a lot of Social media posts to spread the word.

I’m really surprised at the ease of use!
I just made a few hundred posts, exported the CSV, and imported it into Publer.

Works like a charm!


Virtual Assistant,

I have been using it for 2 days and already have generated and scheduled a year worth of posts for one of my client FB pages.


Founder and CEO, BoosteMaBoite

A well thought out UX really helps make this easy to use. I had no idea it included an “Inspiration” feature where you paste in a URL and it gives you short chunks of content that you can just click to add to the variation builder.


Business Owner, AppSumo Review

A big advantage with this tool is, it gives a small team, or solopreneur the discipline to move VERY quickly and just get lots of content cranked out. Move onto the next thing.


Soloprenuer, AppSumo Review

Frequently Asked Questions

You don't have my scheduler, can you add it?

Absolutely, if we can find out the CSV format your provider needs, we will add it. Message us at [email protected] if you want to talk.

Does Post Maker use AI?

No, we help you find your own ideas and then generate more unique variations from them using Spintax and more.

How does it work with my scheduler?

We export the content into the CSV format supported by your scheduler. Just import and away you go.

Do you have a Facebook Group?

Sure, if you want to join in and talk to existing users you can join

Does it work in all languages?

We have users around the world using Post Maker in various languages. We will support any language we can.

Can I use it with X Social Media Network?

Post Maker doesn’t post the content itself, it works with your existing Scheduler – if they support a Social Media Channel via their import, then it will work from Post Maker too.

How do I import the content?

We have written a guide here for Bulk Importing Tweets, but the same applies for our Social Media Channels

Doesn't all the content come out the same?

Content created with Post Maker should be managed carefully and mixed in with other types of posts. It is a great way to passively advertise, promote or keep eyes on your content, ensuring each post is unique.

How long does it take?

We have users who have generated a year’s worth of content in a few hours.

Can you generate Social Media Images?

We are working on this, it will allow you to ‘spin’ images too!

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