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Consistent Social Media Presence Without the Hassle

Stay consistent, generate diverse content, and save time on social media management.

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Generate Unlimited Variations

Create multiple unique posts from a single template, ensuring your content stays fresh.

Test & Optimize

Experiment with different phrasing, calls-to-action, and more to find what drives the best results.

Stay Original

Keep your social media accounts in good standing by avoiding duplicate content flags.

"Since using Spintax in PostMaker, my engagement rates have skyrocketed! It's amazing how simple tweaks can make a big difference."

Solve Your Social Media Challenges

From writer's block and scheduling hassles to stale content, PostMaker provides the solutions you need.

CSV Export for 37 Social Media Schedulers.
PostMaker plays nice with your favorite tools. Easily export your content in CSV format, compatible with 37 popular social media schedulers – giving you the freedom to use the platforms you already know and love.
Master the Art of Spintax
Effortlessly create multiple variations of your posts. Use variables to change keywords, phrases, and even calls-to-action. Discover winning combinations that maximize engagement, personalize your messages, and keep your content fresh and unique.
Powerful Date Scheduling
Go beyond basic scheduling with the full control of cron expressions. Plan posts for specific hours, recurring intervals, or complex patterns – ideal for adapting your content to your audience's unique activity cycles.
Set It and Forget It
Plan your content with ease. Batch create Spintax variations of your posts and schedule them across multiple platforms. Maintain a consistent presence with diverse content, freeing up your time to focus on building your brand.
Personalized Content at Scale with API Integration
Take your social media content to the next level with PostMaker's powerful API integration. Easily pull in dynamic data from external sources – like product details, customer reviews, or real-time statistics.
Multiple Content Inspiration Sources
PostMaker lets you fetch content inspiration from websites or RSS feeds, browse our library of premade prompts, quotes, and questions, or tap into our AI generator for tailored suggestions based on your interests and niche.

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