Your content, not AI

We know AI is super cool and exciting, but sometimes you want your Social Media posts to be from you, in your own words.

How does Post Maker use Spintax?

Let's take a simple example of a single post to see how it can be expanded to generate more variations

Use your blogging skills to travel!

It's a nice start but we could change some things to appeal to more people

There are words, maybe even a couple we could mix up...

Use your {blogging} {skills} to {travel}!

Great, we've found some opportunites to add some variation

Each word between two brackets { } is somewhere where can can add some alternatives

Time to get creative with some options...

Use your {blogging|vlogging|Social Media|Content Marketing|YouTube} {skills|prowess|mastery|expertise|talent} to {travel|see the world|make serious money|save the world|spend more time with the family}!

Whoaah, that's a lot of text, but bear with me.

Each alternative word or words inside our brackets is separated by a pipe '|' for every single combination of these it will create a new Social Media Post...

Our example went from one post idea...

...to creating 125 unique variations!

Post Maker creating 125 Social Media Posts

If you want to try it, grab the text from above and head over to our free Spintax Generator to see for yourself

Now you wouldn't post all these at once, that would be a bit samey, but you can drip feed them for a very long time!

The full app does a whole lot more, but you can get the taste for Spintax, mmmmm....spintaxy

That's your simple example done

A simple example of the power of Spintax with a Social Media Post.

We have taken the original idea and expanded it to make your Social Media Content Creation, at least a bazillion times easier with Post Maker.

Ready to dive in? Try it at no cost.

Make your significantly better and check out Post Maker today.

No CC or payment details needed.

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A big advantage with this tool is, it gives a small team, or solopreneur the discipline to move VERY quickly and just get lots of content cranked out. Move onto the next thing.


I have been using it for 2 days and already have generated and scheduled a year worth of posts for one of my client FB pages.

A little bit about Post Maker

Bootstrapped by me, I love turning ideas into reality, with love from Keynsham, UK

Phill Duffy Picture

I didn't set off to make a Social Media Marketing tool. I am a developer, through and through.

I originally built a different tool to help businesses understand their data, but as I was working on the project alone I wanted to find a way to simplify and amplify my marketing efforts.

I wrote a few scripts to help me scale my marketing messages, and it worked. Others wanted to use it themselves, and from that idea, Post Maker came to be.

I couldn't have made Post Maker into what it is today without the awesome users who joined me early on the journey, I am looking forward to seeing where the journey continues.

- Phill Duffy, Founder @phillduffy

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

You don`t have my Social Media Scheduler, can you add it?
Absolutely, if we can find out the CSV format your provider needs, we will add it. Message us at support@postmaker.io if you want to talk.
Does Post Maker use Artifical Intelligence (AI) to automatically create content?
No, we help you find your own ideas and then generate more unique variations from them using Spintax and more.
How does it work with my scheduler?
We export the content into the CSV format supported by your scheduler. Just import and away you go.
Do you have a Facebook Group?
Sure, if you want to join in and talk to existing users you can join https://facebook.com/groups/post-makers.
Does it work in all languages?
Yes, we have users around the world using Post Maker in various languages. We will support any language we can..
Does it work with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, Google My Business (GMB) etc?
Post Maker has limited posting abilities, but it works with your existing Scheduler - if they support a Social Media Channel via their import, then it will work from Post Maker too.
How do I import the CSV for my Social Media Scheduler?
We have written a guide here for Bulk Importing Tweets, but the same applies for our Social Media Channels
Doesn't all the content come out the same?
Content created with Post Maker should be managed carefully and mixed in with other types of posts. It is a great way to passively advertise, promote or keep eyes on your content, ensuring each post is unique. Please don't use it to spam.
How long does it take to fill my Social Media Schedule?
We have users who have generated a year's worth of content in a few hours.
Can I generate Images for my Social Media Posts?
Yes, absolutely - check out Social Media Image Generation.