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A Video Marketing Guide On Creating Epic Content for Social media

Video Marketing should constitute a vast and crucial aspect of your overall marketing strategy. Work on making your video content more resonating. It alone can drive your brand’s growth and ROI. As important as creating video content, it is vital to make your presence across various social media platforms. We are way ahead of the times, and social media is now a platform that brings you prolific growth. By leveraging the powerful tool of Video Marketing on social media platforms, you are sure to see results in terms of enhanced reach, increased sales and terrific traffic.

The question is how to create epic content for different Social Media platforms. Well, it’s easy if you understand the viewer base and their intent on varying social media. We will break it down for you in this article and will guide you with tips on creating relevant and resonating content.

We will focus on three crucial media platforms. Let’s get started.


1.22 billion people use Instagram every month. The audience for the Instagram market is majorly 18-35 years old. And the audience is well divided into males and females. The users spend nearly 30 minutes on Instagram daily, and 9 of 10 users view Instagram Videos every day.

The above statistics are enough to leverage Instagram for your marketing strategies. People use Instagram for lightheaded times. They aren’t looking for a source of information there. Hence, the content on Instagram should be light, captivating and visually attractive. The form of video content on Instagram is Reels, IGTV and Instagram stories. Brands can focus more on Reels and Instagram stories. They are short, more viewed, and their content stays intact in the viewers’ minds. IGTV videos could be a series of fun educating videos. However, it’s better to leave long videos for the YouTube Platform.

While considering the visual aspects, keep your Instagram videos in 1:1 format. They allow for seamless surfing on your page. Next, curate attractive videos to encourage users to click on sound. Instagram Videos, by default, runs on the No sound feature. Hence, optimise the content that works well without sound. The quality of your video images should be top-notch. Instagram is, after all, a visual platform. If it pleases the eye, only then it will serve its purpose.

Consider what would you like as a viewer while surfing Instagram. Put those thoughts into words and curate the content. Maximise the use of trending music to reach more. Maximise the posting of stories and reels. Create a series of content that people look forward to.

E.g., If you are a chef, you can dedicate weeks to your recipe: Asian Week, Salad week, Continental week, Festive week.

If yours is a clothing brand, create aesthetically appealing videos of your outfits. Bring in bloggers to enhance the reach of your collection.

If yours is a financial firm, you can create a series of reels focusing on financial advice tips or knowledge.

Keep the content crisp, fresh and interactive.


Facebook is a brilliant platform for brands to surge their brand presence actively.

Emotions rule the context of Facebook content. Create a video around the storyline for Facebook. It will drive more shares. Emotional and funny content gets most viewed and shared on Facebook. You can create long videos for this platform. However, ensure the video is well-edited before you hit the post button. With long-form videos, you need to cut and fit the pieces of different videos together into a smooth flow. It’s, however, easier to do with an online video trimmer. You just need to invest time into editing and learn basic skills.

For Facebook videos, use a 1:1 format. It performs better than landscape videos. Keep captions with the video. Most videos on Facebook are viewed without sound. Always use a high resolution of 720p or 1080p HD for your videos and export them in the format and resolution it was filmed.

The biggest takeaway for Facebook videos should be to make the first few seconds most capturing. The first 3 seconds count as viewed for a Facebook algorithm.


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the World, and this statistic is enough to make prominent use of this social media platform. You create content that is discoverable on Google and relevant search engines. The key to the YouTube video is relevancy. It offers you a beautiful platform to educate your viewers. You can capture an audience with long videos if you have helpful content to offer.

With YouTube videos, you need to ensure using tags, captions and descriptions. It optimises the content for easy search. Moreover, videos with captions are 40% more likely to be watched than without captions. Again, if your first 5 seconds are captivating, viewers will tick through. 85% of viewers jump to the next video in the first 10 seconds of the video. You should upload the video only in High-resolution format, and the flow of the video should be well-edited. Trim the video well and set the flow right using an online video trimmer before posting it on YouTube. One cannot emphasise the importance of well-edited videos to grow your ROI, sales and reach. YouTube video marketing needs to be your primary strategy to grow your business.

Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter are other social media platforms you shouldn’t miss. While Snapchat is focused more on raw, unfiltered videos, Twitter is an excellent medium to get across quick, personal and entertaining content. Actively surge with product videos and guidebooks to lead you to your sales landing page. Every social media serves a different purpose. You can successfully create content that resonates by understanding the audience’s needs and optimising your content across all channels. You must consistently create epic content and deliver it repeatedly to create an unmissable brand image. Get the most of video marketing with the power of social media.

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