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How often should a business post on Social Media?

Businesses rely on Social Media extensively because it enhances their engagement through advertisements on different social media platforms. Furthermore, as we are now drifting through 2021, Social Media is ever-growing. This makes them a significant source of news, and they contain vital information. Therefore a company that wants an excellent social media presence needs a good Social Media Strategy.

According to (How Many People Use Social Media in 2021? (65+ Statistics), 2021), 3.96 billion people currently are Social Media users. This had nearly doubled since 2015 when there were 2.07 billion users. (How Many People Use Social Media in 2021? (65+ Statistics), 2021) also stated that Social media is utilised for business purposes. Figures show that 40% of Social media users use social media for their business. Some jobs entail using social media on a day to day basis. Therefore 27% of people are active on their social media during work hours.

Keeping up with Social Media can be quite hard when you have many other tasks to balance day-to-day. Scheduling your posts is the answer. Mainly because you need to consider the posting frequencies, you will need to post multiple times per day. Scheduling posts is a massive deal for the company trying to market itself. It would be best to ensure the quality and quantity are right; otherwise, it could waste time.

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Scheduling is a big deal for a company trying to market itself.

In this Blog Post, I will be telling you when it is best to post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. I will investigate and speak about the frequency, topics we should talk about, and our target audience’s personas. This research aims to help PostMaker create suitable posts for its target audience to build its customer base.

Why is it good to Schedule your social media posts?

Posting Frequencies is a big deal; therefore, scheduling your social media posts can have many benefits for the business. This allows for maximum engagements.

Social media marketing allows you to pump out quality content multiple times per day, per week and multiple times per month. Scheduling these posts will enable them to be much more efficient and less time-consuming. It also enhances your business profile.

Buffer reports that posting 20 times per month (once a workday) allows companies to reach 60% of their audience. (

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(Lady Typing, 2021) scheduling its tweets will enable it to build its social media presence without worrying about it. It also allows your social media success to help promote your business.

The first key benefit is, it will be less time consuming for the business. If you schedule posts, it means you can spend more time on other, more critical tasks for your business.

There are five reasons should schedule their posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Creating a schedule of posts allows for your business to create consistency and retention. All your posts need to be consistent to help grow your audience as it is consistent your audience knows to come back for that type of content.

5 Reasons why post scheduling is useful

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Fill the gaps

Filling in the gaps is another benefit of Social Media post scheduling. Suppose you plan your posts. Then, you can see any gaps. For example, you have been posting about an event, and customers ask questions that haven’t been answered in your posts, which means there is a gap in the information.

Therefore you can go back and check your scheduled posts and add in that information, so the gaps are then filled for the viewers, and you have updated your posts, so now they’re scheduled to be sent out with all the relevant information on them.


Your posting frequency allows you to create consistent interaction and reach. Rather than posting unwanted posts that are not engaging with your customers, it is better to plan the posts and make them consistent and fantastic.

You want your posts to be reaching your audience so that they can interact and view them. This helps you build an audience that constantly interacts with your posts to know when they’re coming and enjoy the content.

To be consistent, you need to also stick to posting your content on the same days. For example, if you post at the weekend, Continue to post at the weekend.

What is working well? What isn’t?

Having a Social media post schedule allows you to see the engagement with current posts that you’re putting out on the platforms.

This, therefore, allows you to see what posts are doing well and which aren’t doing so well with your audience. This will enable you to plan your content around what your audience is interested in.

You need to hit your audience sweet spot. For example, which posts need to be pushed that little bit further and which posts need disregarding so you can learn for your future social media posts so that they can go down well with your audience and their engagement,

Free-up time

Creating a content calendar will allow you to keep up as Social Media is always changing, for example, algorithms, trends and audiences. If you plan for your social media, you can plan your posts per day, posts per week, to stay with the times and continue to reach their audiences.

With more time, you can always research and see what works best for your business social media posts, which will allow for more engagement and your audience to grow.

Free time also allows you to take time out from social media to work on your product, allowing you to incorporate research you have made about your audience. This lets you make sure that the posts you post resonate with your customer base, and they can go yes, that product is what I need.

Develop your brand

You should always get the most out of the content that you post on social media. You need to make sure that your content is bringing in the audience you want for your posts.

If you plan them, you can get the most out of the content you’re putting out because they are planned. You can put thought into them to make sure they make your brand look good and to advertise it.

PostMaker has its own pink that they use for their posts, so as the audience sees the scheduled posts coming out when they see that colour, they will think PostMaker!

When should you post on social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin?

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Social Media posting is a fantastic opportunity for a business to spread its word. Social Media networks are thriving in 2021. Social Media management can be easy for a business with scheduled posts, which allows for optimal posting frequency.

Businesses’ can look at the engagement per post which has been gathered by analytics. Analytics can be beneficial to a business. For example, Pinterest can look at how many pins per day posts have gotten, or Facebook can analyse how many clicks per post.

All this can be done efficiently during business hours because your posts are scheduled. As a result, there are no long evenings required by business workers, fighting a losing battle with their social media engagement or wondering what they should post next on their social channels.

Best timeto post on Facebook

According to a study by Buffer (Best Time to Post on Facebook: A Complete Guide -, 2021), they concluded that the best time to post on Facebook is between 1 pm and 3 pm. This is during the weekdays and also on Saturdays.

They also discovered that their engagement seemed to be 18% higher on a Thursday and Friday. Other studies have found different information. For example, TrackMaven has concluded that Thursday at 8 pm is also a great time to post.

CoSchedule Believe 1-4 PM Towards the end of the week and weekends. BuzzSum0 concluded that off-peak was the best time to post on Facebook. BuzzSumo discovered these times based on information gathered from Facebook posts’ responses throughout the working business day.

Best time to post on Twitter

According to the Best Time to Post on Twitter for Boosted engagement (, The best time to post on Twitter is when people are taking breaks at work, for example, when people are having their lunch at work, they’re using their phone between the times of 11 am and 1 pm, scrolling through their news feeds. Therefore, they will notice your online presence.

Another good time is that people commute to work as many get lifts or public transport during hours. These hours are 5 am - 9 am or 5 pm-8 pm. This is when people spend many downtimes, so they’re scrolling and interacting with social media.

The best day to be tweeting is Friday before 3 pm. You should try and do at least 3-5 tweets. On the weekends, you are less likely to interact as people are busy and spending less time on Social Media. A good way to interact with your audience on Twitter is to do multiple tweets per day to allow your audience to interact.

Best time to post on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular Algorithm-based social media platforms used by social media marketers. As stated in (The Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2021 -, it is recommended to post one post per day on this platform. According to Lifewire Instagrams, prime times to post are Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and Friday between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m. Also, on a diagram titled Global best times to post on Instagram, which calculated.

Best times to post image taken from the Later Scheduling App (2021)

Instagram’s algorithm always prioritises its users’ new posts over their older posts, which means you need to know when your users are interacting with your content to post during these times.

Instagram stories are also a big way for users to interact with a business as you can make them interactive with questions, and companies can see who is active because of this. Cooperation with your followers could leave you with potential customers, especially if you keep pumping out fresh content.

Best time to post on Linkedin

According to The Best Time to Post on LinkedIn in 2021 (, the best time to look for content on Linkedin is Tuesdays 11 AM - 12 PM, when people look through the content and click share what they have found.

The best time to post on linked in is 7 am - 8 am and 5 pm - 6 pm as this is when a lot of people are using Linkedin, as over 63 million unique users are using their mobile to view Linkedin every month, so this is chance to reach a new audience and advertise the company.

From 10 pm to 6 am before Monday and Friday night, you should not post on Linkedin as Potential users will not see your content. Therefore this goes to show you need to be finding the correct times for your content creation.

There is no point in scheduling your post frequency to be going out when followers will not see the posts, and there is a lack of audience engagement. Companies need to be looking at quality over quantity and getting them out when

What should you include when promoting a business on social media?

Useful tips to use when posting on Social Media

Here is a solid strategy for when you are social media scheduling. When you factored in your ideal posting times and figured out your scheduling tools, and factored in these valuable tips, you have the magic formula for scheduling your posts on social media daily.

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  1. Always Make the customer the main focus of all content posted on social media. Make sure that all your content will keep them engaged and want to keep coming back.
  2. Seek help from influencers. Create partnerships with other people, give them a discount code to give out and promote you through their social media to reach a wider audience.
  3. Use videos and images, also keep on brand and make it look pretty. You want to catch the viewers attention and make it clear what you are advertising at first glance.
  4. Always keep the viewers wanting more from you and your posts. They should always keep your viewers interested in your posts, and one way you can do this is with Humour’s use as this can keep them interested and share on.
  5. You need to Produce Premium content, 1-2 posts at least per social media. They need to be high quality. It would help if you considered using the most relevant content and High-quality content. It would be best if you looked at the content quantity. Is it enough? Using Visual content is key when posting social media posts. You also need to keep consistent posting and have an active presence.

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When promoting your business online, you should always use hashtags as well as posting at optimal times.

The data gathered in the section about when is best to post on social media so that people who search these hashtags see your content could boost your average engagement rate for business owners. This is the key. They need to find the right time slot, the right hashtags and the best time of day.

This will attract active users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. This is an excellent way to get your posts seen by people who follow your industry/hashtag but not specifically your business. Here are some examples of hashtags a should use for digital marketing.


Grammarly states that there are five different social media personas. (5 Social Media Personas to Make Your Brand Stand Out | Grammarly) Which are as follows:

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After gathering all the evidence on Post scheduling, Social Media channels, the frequency we should post, what topics we should address and the personas we are targeting, I have concluded that for

We should be scheduling our posts as this has many benefits, one of the biggest ones is it is less time consuming, and we can schedule content that will keep our audience interested and want more from us. We need to make sure all posts are concise, to the point, all the vital information is on there and keeping the posts on brand and similar colours, so they associate the colours with straightaway.

It would help if you also ensured the place where the product can be .bought is always linked and hashtagged to reach audiences. You always need to post based on topics your audience is interested in or create posts similar to ones they’ve interacted with previously.

Frequency is a significant factor. After researching, I have concluded that the best time for to post on Facebook is 1 - 4 PM, towards the week’s end and weekends.

The best time to post on Twitter is 11 am and 1 pm when people have their lunch to check social media.

On Instagram, the best time to post is Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. and Friday between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m.

The best time to post on Linkedin is Tuesdays 11 AM - 12 PM, as this is when people look through the content and click and share what they have found and 7 am - 8 am and 5 pm - 6 pm as this is when a lot of people are using Linkedin.

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