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What is Spintax?

Spintax is simply a word that refers to syntax or structure used to create sentences with similar forms and styles. Effective Spintax means that the same sentence can be used repeatedly, with a different word being substituted in place of the original word. The main reason to use Spintax is that it is a great way to save time creating unique and exciting content that will make your articles or other work stand out.

All it takes is some special characters and some forethought.

Ready for a spin?

Stop the Press, we have just put an amazing Free Spintax Generator on our website to try some of these ideas out!

What are the uses of Spintax?

Spinning content has been around for a long time, but the technology can now produce unique and compelling content for your needs.

People can use a Spinner for

With these different options available, the appeal can work for Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and other Content Creators.

Typewriter, not the modern way for creating content!

With the advances in AI (especially GTP-3), there’s an exciting mashup of AI-Generated content with spun versions. Today some people create brand new ‘fresh’ content from their mind, those using AI to give them a headstart and finally, those who take an original article and spin it into a unique version.

There is a debate about Article Spinning, whether spun-content for Search Engines is the best for an end-user. There is also the fact that content creators can get their hard work ‘spun’ into a new version with no acknowledgement of its source.

It is a fantastic way to take a known input and spin another version for a unique output; it can make emails, IMs, and other automated communications have a distinctly natural feel.

Why use Spintax?

Spintax is a way to write more natural-sounding sentences, especially those of a marketing nature.

We all want to do a few things:

A handing that looks like it is spending time like money

Spintax can help here, which is incredible.

If you have a tone-of-voice or a particular writing style, using AI will always be a case of refining the result to match how you would write it. Spintax gives you the chance to turn your own words and phrases into many more from the outset.

Duplicate content is something which Social Networks and Search Engines do not like.

Social Networks are against spam, and we can understand that. However, they also have another motive, which is to sell advertising. If you’re using their ‘free’ networking to promote your content using the same content all the time, they’d very much like a share of that revenue. Engaging content and posts keep end-users on their platform longer and keeps them seeing their other adverts, which is why they love ‘sticky’ content.

Search Engines want to present the best results for an end-user; if two websites show the same content, it can look like those pages are trying to game the system, which is not good.

How does Spintax work? What is the Spintax Format?

As I mentioned near the start, Spintax is simply a way of writing with a particular structure. There are curly brackets (or braces) { } and the Pipe character | involved, and they have specific jobs to do in the spinning syntax.

The idea is that text within the braces, whether words, phrases or characters, are grouped with others and separated by a pipe symbol. Each spin will pick one of the groups to use.

Let’s take a look at a real spintax example.

Tiles showing the word hello

Hello {World|Earth}

If we were to write this out in pseudo-code, we could say

Write Hello AND World OR Earth

The output would be

This example is straightforward, but you can see the core components in there. The method doesn’t change as you scale up your ambitions and generate content in this standard spintax format.

If we start with

Hello, would you like to read our new blog post?

and sprinkle in some braces and pipes, we end up with this:

{Hello|Hi|Howdy}, Would you like to {read|get a preview of|look at|take a peek at} our new Blog {post|content|article}?

You can massively scale up your efforts by giving your content a few synonyms, adjectives, adverbs, and nouns. In this example, we would be generating 36 posts from our original single idea.

There is another level of complexity you can add, and that is Nested Spintax. Luckily there are no more special characters to learn.

Nested Spintax

The addition of further subgroups gives Nested Spintax its name. The best example l can provide here is where certain groups must go together. In this one, I will be using simple Zoo animals starting with a vowel.

An ostrich peering over a bush

We will start with an original idea as before, and it’s spin time.

Would you like a {lion|tiger|zebra|ostrich}?

The last of our list would not make grammatical sense. You wouldn’t have ‘a ostrich’; you would have ‘an ostrich’, so how can we do this?

First, we wrap the whole group for animals that can be proceeded by ‘a’.

Would you like {a {lion|tiger|zebra}}?

You should notice a new brace before the ‘a’ and one before the ’?‘

next, we add in our second group

|an {ostrich|emu|iguana}

, and this fits just before the last brace

Would you like {a {lion|tiger|zebra}|an {ostrich|emu|iguana}}?

Magic, now we can talk about animals and be grammatically correct.

Once we have unspun our Nested Spintax, it looks like this:

PostMaker results for Spintax

The results of a PostMaker Campaign Generation for a Social Media Campaign

How to use Spintax?

There are several tools and products which can take a Spintax input and unspins it to the output.

Spintax hints and tips

When you are looking to generate content, especially for Social Media, you need to consider the benefits to your followers. For example, you can generate 10 million posts, scheduled for 20 times a day for the next ~1400 years (I did the math), but nobody wants that; you lose value and engagement incredibly quickly - you’ll get unfollowed in a heartbeat.

Changing only a letter or a word will create very similar posts. Substantially identical posts can, and does, get picked up by Social Media Networks like Twitter. It would be best if you were looking to replace at least a few words and synonyms, maybe the pictures too.

Maybe you could think about

We created PostMaker to help with the above, a tool to help get the most out of any content you write.

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