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Why is PostMaker beneficial to Social Media Campaigns?


There is a current stigma around Bulk Schedulers. After research, we can see that PostMaker fits into this stigma as people can use bulk Schedulers for bad such as spam posts and inappropriate content.

We want to break its stigma by giving you insight into how helpful a tool we can use for you and your business.

Social media campaigns are a big part of social media marketing. According to (Statusbrew.com 2021). There are approximately 3.04 Billion active social media users worldwide, and on average, there are 135 minutes spent on social media every day globally.

Therefore marketing on social media enables the business to market themselves and push its advertising to its consumers.

In this blog post, I will be investigating whether PostMaker is beneficial to a social media campaign in social media marketing.

What is PostMaker?

(postmaker.io, 2021) PostMaker helps create unique content for your social media channels using spintax and social media graphics or social media videos.

Forget the hassle of coming up with silly, irrelevant, or just plain wrong content to get something posted.

Our content generator works with virtually any platform or topic, allowing you to create tweets, images, Facebook posts, Linked In, or any other social media content you can imagine, all from an easy-to-use interface.

This allows you to create Visual Content for your consumers, and they will be seamless Social Media Ads. Schedulers will spread these advertisements across your social platforms with the spintax captions and the perfect photo you have chosen and appropriate for the selected post.

The PostMaker Logo

For example:

PostMaker is a [Fantastic|Superb|Great|Brilliant] [Tool|App|Software] for use on [Social Posts|Social Media posts|Social Media] to create multiple posts from one piece of Spintax.

Some of the outcomes of this spintax could be:

PostMaker is a Fantastic Tool for use on Social Posts to create multiple posts from one piece of Spintax.

PostMaker is a Superb App for use on Social Media Posts to create multiple posts from one piece of Spintax.

PostMaker is a Great Software for use on Social Media to create multiple posts from one piece of Spintax.

PostMaker is a Brilliant Tool for use on Social Posts to create multiple posts from one piece of Spintax.


Pros and cons of the use of PostMaker social media campaigns

(Consortium Biz) has stated that many businesses have a vast and active social media presence. This is a large part of their overall marketing strategy.

As you may know, it takes a lot of time and effort to build a social media presence with users who will interact with you and your pieces of content.

Luckily, this is why Phill Duffy created PostMaker. Digital tools, such as PostMaker, are vastly available to make it easier for businesses to spread their wings within the social community.

Businesses want to post relevant content such as video ads, stunning flyers, social media images. Which are appropriate, and also they like to post frequent updates on their Social Media Account.

Benefits of using PostMaker

According to (UTM.IO, 2021) One of the most obvious benefits of social media advertising is its impact on brand awareness. Using PostMaker can help you spread awareness of your business and reach people who aren’t following your brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Many of the consumers may have never come across your business before.

Therefore, PostMaker is a huge benefit as Spintax allows you to pump out multiple posts from one lot of text to keep up with your audience.

Your business would notice 3 x more traffic from new customers than usual using PostMaker as you’re spreading the word more often and further than your current customers. This is because it’s because of social media advertising. Therefore using PostMaker will allow you to build your customer base and expand your business.

So using PostMaker, you can add the content to your posts to the variables that come out can target different customers. On Facebook, for instance, you can target users based on demographics, interests, behaviour, and connections.

For example, you’re not just limited to targeting people in a specific location under the location-based targeting options. Therefore using Post Maker, you can create posts such as:

PostMaker [benefits|helps|aids|assists] business In [Manchester|Liverpool|Birmingham|Bath|Cardiff].

So from one post, this will generate multiple social media posts that your scheduler will schedule, which will target audiences from different cities using PostMaker.

Using PostMaker can cut down your marketing costs and your time spent doing your social media campaigns.

In other words, you’ll be spending your money only to reach the most relevant target audience and to be sending out bulk posts to possible consumers and current consumers. This means you’ll be getting more ad clicks that result in converting consumers to buy your product. This is a fantastic opportunity for your business to spread the word.

With PostMaker spreading the word without you putting in too much time, more people learn about your brand faster than they would without a bulk scheduler. Social media advertising will also increase your inbound traffic.

The best part is that since you’ll mainly reach a highly targeted audience and do it fast, the traffic you attract will be of high quality, which means more people will be checking out your business.

Social media advertising allows you to promote your brand’s content instead of blatantly promoting your products.

As PostMaker allows you to create bulk posts, you can promote blog posts, videos, or other content that you’ve already published on your brand’s social media. So it improves your content visibility and engagement.

For example, you have created a blog post on how PostMaker benefits your social media campaign. You can create a graphic and a Social Media Post such as:

Check out our [new|recent|latest] [Blog post|post on our blog] on how PostMaker [benefits|aids|assists|helps] our social media campaigns.

See the source image

Negatives of using PostMaker


Is PostMaker good for scheduling posts for social media campaigns? The answer is yes. Though after extensive research, there are some significant downfalls.

In PostMaker’s world, there are obstacles that we can get past with thorough research into the posting schedule, which suits the social media platforms and the following of the business.

Research into the timings of each social media when is the best time to post and researching what time of content they like to see can mean that you are reaching your consumer’s needs and will see your posts so new and old consumers can interact. PostMaker needs always to be keeping up with the current social media trends and consumer needs.

There are only a few downfalls of using PostMaker as a bulk scheduler for social campaigns, so the positives outweigh the negatives. We want to break the stigma of bulk schedulers being negative and show you how positive they can be for your business.

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